Installation Altprobe


Installation Altprobe was tested under Ubuntu version 16.04, 18.04, 20.04 and Centos 7. Memory at a computer/virtual machine should be not less than 2GB, Hard disk not less 10GB.

Before starting this procedure, please install Cnode, after this you need to get file Broker.pem and value of project id, that is required for installation altprobe (see section “Post-installation” of configuration cnode).


  • Login to Alertflex Collector via Linux terminal and download installation files.

git clone
cd ./altprobe
  • Fill in Altprobe specific parameters in the file, as an example use the file If you are planning to install Altprobe on the Cnode compute (Appliance configuration) use as example file

  • Start installation.

chmod u+x
  • After end of software installation copy the file Broker.pem to directory /etc/altprobe/

  • Reboot system and after that check status of Altprobe

root@host:~# altprobe-status
  • Open in the Management console the Reports>Summary panel and check if alerts from security sensors are presented.